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Clough's Ground   0.6 acres

Clough's Ground

This piece of land was donated to the Trust in 2014 by Gordon Swindells and borders the old Whalley to Blackburn turnpike.  The boundaries are the same as recorded on the Enclosure map of 1791 and the land was once part of the Baron Petre estate. The view from the site across the Ribble Valley towards Longridge is spectacular and the planting at Higher Elker Woods can be seen in the valley below. It is named after Margaret Clough who had lived for many years at the adjoining property.


The hedge along the road has several old plum trees and the Trust has layered the hedge between them to thicken and improve the boundary.  There are several mature oak trees on the site. Oak trees support a large number of insects and other invertebrates which feed upon the leaves. It is common to observe oak leaves looking tattered by late July and a new flush of leaves, especially on young trees. This phenomenon is called lammas growth, because it occurs around the time of Lammas, the Celtic festival of first fruits, on 1st August.


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